When is move-in?

New Residential Students (Freshman and Transfer) will move in Monday, August 17th.

A one hour move-in slot seems short. Is there more time available?

The one hour move in time reserives families a parking spot adjacent to their student's residence hall and is intended to allow families to unload cars, utilize university carts and move items up to the room.

Once the vehicle has been unloaded and moved to a parking lot, families are welcome to return to the residence hall to continue to assist their student.

Do I have to go to every Orientation session?

All of the ORIENTATION SESSIONS are REQUIRED and are an important part of becoming a new student here at USF, so you will need to be in attendance for all of those events.

Do my parents need to stay for Orientation?

To limit exposure to larger groups of people, we kindly ask parents and family members leave campus at the end of Move-in Day.

Do I have stay on campus during Orientation or can I stay with my parents?

We strongly encourage students to stay in their Residence Hall so they can get to know their roommate better, lay out room expectations, and set-up their room the way they would like.  Not only is this good for you and your roommate, it allows you all as new students to begin building community in your Residence Hall with your fellow students, your Resident Assistants, and the Resident Director of the hall, all of which will help make your first year at USF a great one!

Am I allowed to leave campus during Orientation?

If we aren't in session, you are more than welcome to leave campus, but you are required to be back for the Orientation sessions.

What should I wear to Orientation?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes during Orientation because you will not only be sitting in Orientation sessions, but you will be up and moving around doing activities.  Whatever you are comfortable wearing is fine with us!

Do I need to bring money to Orientation?

Everything going on during Orientation will be free to you.  However, Cougar Central will be open for those who want to buy some new Cougar wear.  

Will meals be provided?

Your meal plan kicks on Tuesday, August 18th, so all you have to do is swipe your card and eat your fill in the Cafeteria!