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Why do you need to buy links and how to do it? There are 0 replies:
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Why do you need to buy links and how to do it? Original post: Tue 4/13/2021 at 6:11 PM

Online business owners are faced with many new words and concepts. But almost all digital marketing methods are traditional internet-optimized gimmicks. Buying links is essentially the same as posting press releases in the media.

Another thing is that promotion with perpetual links is not always cost-effective, does not always give the desired result. Why is that? Let's figure it out.


The world is changing
And the Internet is even faster than the whole world. The methods used by the great-grandfathers of modern resources have long since sunk into oblivion. Backlinks for seo buying has not died out, but it has changed a lot.

The point is to promote your resource by publishing articles with links on other sites. Thus, you promote the link, a little brand, but get more traffic from the platform on which you publish.


You get the trust of the search algorithm - that's very good. But can you find traffic there too?

This is the main stumbling block. Previously, they acted according to the pan "more is better" and tried to buy up pages wherever possible in order to bring people. Let's pay tribute to tradition, it worked. In some cases it works even now, though you cannot buy out 200 articles at once, place it and wait for the result. The search engine will instantly calculate spam and blacklist the promoted web resource.


The modern purchase plan is growing in nature. The first month - 3-5, in the second up to 7, and every month / quarter more and more. In fact, you need to achieve the effect of reality: the young site will not be written about in three dozen publications at once. But as it develops, it really could be written about him more and more often.

This will not work for everyone. Because the sites that will host your articles will also host hundreds of others, on completely different topics. It is logical that the audience of these sites is so diverse that it may not be easy to catch “friends”.



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