Complete Your Checklist

Each fall and spring semester we will ask you to verify your information and confirm that you are an active and attending student.  We do that through the checklist application on the MyUSF. 

The checklist is always available on the home page of the MyUSF but before each fall and spring semester you will get a pop up when you log into MyUSF, asking you to review your checklist. 

When you are ready to complete the checklist requirements “launch” the application and select "view".

  • The checklist will include several “tracks” for you to complete. 
    • Admissions track will require you to turn in an immunization form.  Click here to download the form.
    • Security track is where you request your Parking Pass and confirm your ID.
    • USF track is where you can opt in to Emergency Alerts.
  • Select “view” to open and view the tracks.  You will see several required tracks, each with colors assigned.  The colors determine if the track is required (red), optional (blue), pending (yellow), or completed (green)
  • On many of the tracks, you will just need to confirm the information and select “confirm” at the top of the page.
  • Once all of the checks are green, you have completed the required applications. 

Click here for illustrated instructions.

Join your MBA Group

The MBA Group

Log into MyUSF and click on "My Groups" on the left-hand navigation.  You should now be able to click on MBA.  If you do not see MBA, please contact us at

What is the MBA Group?

The MBA Group is an area where you will find announcements, forms, policies, career opportunities, etc. related to the MBA Program.  You can also email other students enrolled in MBA.  Please be sure to check this information frequently.

Observe these USF Policies and Expectations

Δ  Use your USF email for all course and USF communications.  Please check your USF email daily!

  • Your USF email address will be your
  • Find help syncing your email to your phone on MyUSF or stop by the IT offices.

Δ  Observe MBA and USF policies contained in the MBA handbook.

Δ  Utilize your MBA Group for announcements, forms, and help from the MBA office.

Δ  Represent yourself in an honest fashion by presenting original ideas and giving credit for the ideas of others.  Cheating or plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Know Your Online Course Expectations

USF requires that online courses have the same expectations and requirements as on-campus courses.  Online courses are instructor led and have scheduled readings, assignments, discussions and exams.  They are considered accelerated with accelerated timelines. Online students will be expected to:

Δ  Spend a minimum of 10 hours per week commitment on your coursework and activities.

Δ  Have a webcam.

Δ  Check your courses on MyUSF daily to keep current with assignments and requirements.

Δ  Participate in course activities.

Δ  Complete all assignments by the given due date.

Δ  Complete all coursework independently unless otherwise noted.

Δ  Hand in assignments and actively participate in group work.  Any time you fail to do so, it will be counted as an absence.

Δ  Abide by any additional guidelines set by the instructor (see course syllabus).

In order to be successful at online learning you will need to set and maintain a schedule which allows you to keep up with your coursework and assignments. It is vital to stay current with the concepts taught. If at any time you feel you do not understand what is being taught, please contact your instructor. You can meet through WebEx or by phone to make sure you do not fall behind.

Complete Your Student Survey at the End of Your Course

The IDEA Student Survey is our evaluation tool used for nearly every class in DCP. It is extremely important to complete this survey, as it is used to make adjustments and curriculum changes.

  • You will receive your survey through email. 
  • Faculty may give you class time to complete it.
  • Just fill it out and submit it online. 

Information Technology

It's free to all USF Students! 

Click here for instructions

Watch our IT Department Video!  


 Click here to download our USF Connect brochure.

It has all the basic information you need to get started!

The Information Technology office is located in Jorden Hall lower level

Office Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday - Friday

Office Phone:  605-331-6674


Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is located in the lower level of Jorden Hall.

Office Phone: 605-331-6650


Transcripts, Graduation Information, Academic Calendar, Transfer Credits, Drop/Add/Withdrawals, Course Offerings & Catalog, Grade Information