Student Clubs and Organizations

Beyond the classroom, our student clubs and organizations invite you to enjoy exciting new experiences, build lifelong friendships and let your Lope spirit soar. Join a club and share your enthusiasm with tomorrow's colleagues.

  • Academic and Honor Societies: These clubs grow your academic engagement and knowledge outside of the classroom.
  • Career and Pre-Professional: These clubs allow you to grow outside of the classroom in your desired profession with résumé boosters and hands-on experience.
  • Community and Volunteer: These clubs volunteer and give back to the community.
  • Cultural: These clubs allow you to connect and learn about cultures around the world.
  • Ministry: These clubs allow you to learn and grow more in your faith.
  • Outreach and Governmental: These clubs educate others about global, environmental and governmental issues occurring in the world today.
  • Performance, Visual and Fine Arts: These clubs build creative skills and allow you to showcase your talents in various performance mediums.
  • Social: These clubs are a way to meet others who share common interests outside of academia.

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