There are a few things you can be doing to prepare before the start of classes to help make your transition to USF as smooth as possible.

1. MyUSF and Email Account Set Up

All students are issued a USF Network and email account.  Students should check your university email regularly for all university communication.  Professors, staff, and students all use the USF email for communication.  If you don't know your login information, please email your admissions counselor at or USF Information Technology (IT) at for assistance.

Students who need to set up their email should contact their admissions counselor for your username and password along before logging in to start setting up email and 

First Time Logging Into MyUSF (USF Network)

On Campus First Time Log In

You can go to any on campus computer and type in your login name and password.

  • Your initial password will be your ID number (lower right corner, on the back of your USF ID).
  • It will ask you to reset your password.  Your new password has no formal requirements.
  • Ctrl, Alt, Del keys will take you to the menu to change your password.


Off Campus First Time Log In

To start, open any web browser on your computer and go to the USF Homepage (

  • On the bottom of the USF Homepage click on Campus Mail.
  • It will ask you for the username and password.

    Username: First two letters of your first name followed by your last name (ex. John Doe’s username would be jodoe)

    Password: (Student ID number)

  • Once you follow the prompts to set up your email, you can then go back to the bottom of the USF Homepage and click on MyUSF.
  • Use the same username and the new password you created when setting up your email account to log in. 
  • Your email will be your (ex. John Doe’s email would be

Good to Know Information

Your password will expire in approximately a year.

If you forget your password call USF Information Technology (IT) at (605) 331-6674 or send an email to

2. Complete Your Semester Checklist

Log into MyUSF to launch your semester checklist.

The checklist is always available on the home page of the MyUSF.  Prior to each fall and spring semester you will get a pop up when you log into MyUSF, asking you to review your checklist and acknowledge your attendance for the semester.  Review the Semester Checklist and complete any required paperwork, provide us with any needed updates, and to stay informed throughout the semester.

When you are ready to complete the checklist requirements “launch” the application and select "view".

  • The checklist will include several “tracks” for you to complete. 
    • Admissions track will require you to turn in an immunization form.  Click here to download the form.
    • Security track is where you request your Parking Pass and confirm your ID.
    • USF track is where you can opt in to Emergency Alerts.
  • Select “view” to open and view the tracks.  You will see several required tracks, each with colors assigned.  The colors determine if the track is required (red)optional (blue)pending (yellow), or completed (green)
  • On many of the tracks, you will just need to confirm the information and select “confirm” at the top of the page.
  • Once all of the checks are green, you have completed the required applications. 

Launch the application to run a new audit or complete any remaining checks.

3. Order Your Textbooks

Order your textbooks through the virtual bookstore at

Have your textbooks delivered to the USF Mail Room and pick up at the start of the semester. 

Your choices for ordering textbooks:

  • Marketplace. Students can save up to 90% by ordering directly from other students.
  • RENTAL textbooks. Students can save on average 50% by renting their textbooks.
  • eTextbooks. Students can save on average 30% by purchasing an eTextbook.
  • USED textbooks. Students save 25% by purchasing used books.

IMPORTANT: Textbooks will not be available to purchase on campus, so order your textbooks online today.

Click here to download FAQs for ordering textbooks.

Full instructions for How to order from the USF Virtual Bookstore:

1.  Visit your Virtual Bookstore and select “Order Textbooks.”
2.  Select the Term
3.  Select your Course(s) and select “Continue."
4.  Select the items to be purchased and select “Continue.”
5.  Review your order and select “Proceed to Checkout.“
6.  Sign In ”to your account or“ Create Account.

Questions?  Contact the Virtual Bookstore Program Customer Service Team at 1-877-284-6744

4. Download Two University Apps

USF has two apps to help keep you organized throughout the year.  Both apps are free and available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Download Navigate Student and USF Campus App

 5. Finalize Your Financial Aid

Student bills are sent to your home at the end of July and after any August class registrations.  Student account balances are found in the student accounts section in MyUSF.  

 6. Check In For Orientation

New freshmen and transfer students are required to check-in for orientation on August 24 in the Stewart Center.  Offices will be available between 9-1:30 p.m. in the Stewart Center to help with setting up your email, financial aid, student accounts, and campus employment.

Orientation Check-In Information

Student Move-In Information


If at anytime you have questions about completing your enrollment status, contact your admissions counselor at 605-331-6600 or email