The recording of attendance is mandatory during an initial period of every course.  If you do not record attendance in MyUSF you could adversely impact a student’s federal financial aid award.  We are required to comply with federal financial aid regulations that stipulate we must verify a student has initiated attendance in a course and maintain those records.  We require attendance to be recorded during the first 2 weeks of class.  

Online Attendance:
If you are teaching online, attendance is established by student participation in an academically-related course activity. This means that the student must finish and hand in an assignment at least once each of the first 2 weeks.  During the mandatory attendance recording times you can add as many sessions as you deem appropriate for capturing the documentation necessary for establishing student participation in the courses.

Using the Attendance App
If you have a large class, you might want to use our Attendance App.  It uses the Card Reader (available in every classroom) or the student's phone with QRCode app.  You will simply click on the ** next to the Attendance on the left navigation to get started.  Instructions are included below.