Submitting an Early Alert Referral Form

Through this software you are able to share information with the retention team that helps us identify and intervene early. It ensures ongoing and effective communication with every department and all personnel, enhancing departments’ collaboration and USF’s contact with students. In addition to the information you provide, retention staff are also able to view predictive analytics from static and dynamic data points for diverse factors. This creates a holistic picture that helps us prioritize and deepen our interventions.

Once you submit a concern, Nicole Dulaney or Jessica Carlson identifies the individual who has the most expertise or rapport with the student to follow up and intervene. These personal, non-threatening conversations can occur face-to-face, via email, phone, or WebEx. After emphasizing USF’s desire to help the student, staff is able to assess the source of difficulty and develop a success plan. You will receive a follow-up email when the Early Alert is closed.

Institutions that have launched Jenzabar retention software have seen immediate returns on the investments. For example, Carroll University improved first-year retention by five percent and overall retention by four percent, generating more than $1.3 million in revenue.

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You can access the form in My.USF > Retention > Early Alert. The fields in the form help organize concerns to reduce delays and ensure easier processing for retention staff. The form has three parts A) Student Selector, B) Concern Type & Severity, and C) Intervention Section. The Student Selector allows you to select the student(s) you want to add to the alert. The Concern Type and Details permit you to describe your concern, which helps the retention team identify who should follow up. In the Intervention Section, you notify us of the action you have taken in response to your concern.

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Student Success and Retention


Software designed to streamline and focus student success and retention efforts.

What can you do to help?
Help our retention team with the following:
1) Submit an Early Alert when you are concerned about a student.
2) Respond to all Follow-Up Requests you may receive.
3) Submit Interventions in response to Follow-Up Requests to help us track our retention efforts.

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Early Alert Form