Learning Accessibility Services

Every semester students with documented disabilities will need accommodations in the classroom. LAS is prepared to implement these services for you and, like always, we will verify which students qualify for accommodations.

Students requesting accommodations will distribute letters directly to you to discuss the arrangements of their accommodations. LAS does not notify professors on behalf of students. Through this process the student, LAS and the professor will come to a mutual understanding of their responsibilities and the agreed upon accommodations. These conversations also permit students to:

  • Share their needs with the professors in whichever courses they choose
  • Establish a good working relationship with you
  • Arrange testing accommodations well in advance
  • Discuss effective learning strategies with you
  • Learn future self-advocacy skills that they will need in the work force


If you receive a letter, please do the following:

  • Read the letter to identify the accommodations that are requested. It will not specify students’ disability, but will provide helpful information about their requested accommodations.
  • Assess the essential components of your course. You are not obligated to provide accommodations if they fundamentally alter the objectives or academic standards of the course. In the event that an accommodation conflicts with the essential elements, please contact me immediately.
  • Engage in a conversation with the student about the implementation of the listed accommodations. I have encouraged students to approach you during your office hours to facilitate a private conversation. Respect students' desire to keep their disability information confidential. Do not discuss their needs before or after class unless the student initiates the conversation.
  • If the student is eligible for it, discuss and arrange testing accommodations for each of their exams. You make the final decision about whether you will provide the accommodations or whether the student should schedule the exam in the Academic Success Center. In both cases, the accommodation must be provided effectively. If you would like the ASC to administer the exam, request that the student complete the Proctor Request Form. Students have been instructed on how to complete this form. The student is expected to return this form to the ASC no later than two business days prior to each exam.

You are not required to provide an accommodation until your receive an official verification letter. If a student requesting accommodation has not provided a letter prepared by LAS, please refer them to me to obtain such verification.

This process is premised upon an open and productive dialogue between you and the student. In the event that you disagree with an accommodation, please contact Learning Accessibility Services immediately for assistance.


Thank you for your partnership in the accommodation process!


Nicole Dulaney

Director of Thomas Kilian Academic Success Center

USF Academic Success Center

605-331-6653 |