Course Syllabus

The course syllabus provides students with information about objectives, policies, and procedures.  The course syllabus includes all required elements and is submitted to the Academic Affairs office, posted on MyUSF, and reviewed with students at the first class meeting.

Your academic area may have a syllabus template for all on-ground and distance education courses.  Please check with your department chair for information on possible templates.

You can find an Online Syllabus Content document below in the Handouts area.

Required Syllabus Elements

Required Elements:
1. Contact Information
2. Textbook
3. Course Information and Catalog Description
4. Credit Hour Policy Statement
5. Course-level Student Learning Outcomes
6. Course Requirements and Evaluation
7. Course Outline and Schedule
8. Disability Services Statement

It is recommended that these elements or something similar are included as headings.  It is also recommended the Course Outline and Schedule content be listed in the actual syllabus, rather than referring to another document or MyUSF page.
The faculty member is free to include other information beyond the required elements as appropriate to the course or academic program.  For example, the School of Nursing, Vucurevich School of Business, and Fredrikson School of Education follow required syllabus templates for all on-ground and distance education courses.  Please check with your department chair for information on possible templates.

Credit Hour Policy Statement

Credit Hour Policy Statement

Choose the description that aligns most appropriately with the course and place it directly under the course description near the top of the syllabus. Courses that exceed the minimum requirements listed below may have their description tailored to accurately reflect the requirements of the course.  You may find that more than one of the description statements fits your course.  If so, feel free to include both.

Lecture, Lecture with Laboratory, Seminar, or Discussion
The course is a face-to-face format course that meets one 50-minute session per week per credit hour with a minimum of two hours of out-of-class work per week per credit hour for an approximate 15-week semester, or its equivalent. The lecture with laboratory course includes a laboratory session that meets for a minimum of one 75-minute session per week per additional credit hour, or its equivalent, with a minimum of one hour of out-of-classroom preparation per week.

Supervised Group Activity
The course is a workshop, group studio, ensemble, or field experience under direct supervision of a faculty member. Workshop, group studio, and ensemble courses meet a minimum of one 50-minute session per week per credit hour over an approximate 15-week semester. Field work and travel courses involve experiential learning in a professional setting under direct supervision of faculty/fieldwork educators. The minimum contact time per credit hour for fieldwork or travel courses is 40 hours per semester.

Diverse Modality Course
The course is delivered through distance, online, or a hybrid combination.  Certified distance-learning faculty identify the amount of work represented in intended learning outcomes of the course and verify student achievement of the learning outcomes. Student engagement may include seated or online seminars or small-group video meetings, independent work, threaded discussions, and meeting with faculty in lieu of specified class time.

Supervised Individual Activity
The course is an Independent Study or Directed Study as defined by USF academic policies. One credit hour is awarded for a minimum one 50-minute session of student academic activity per week over an approximate 15-week semester, or its equivalent.

Full-time Independent Study
In this course, the student’s academic activity is essentially full-time (student teaching, practicums, internships, etc.). The minimum number of hours a student must complete for each hour of academic credit is 40 hours or as stipulated by specialized accrediting agency requirements.

Short Session
Credit hours may be earned in short sessions (accelerated, summer sessions, interim, etc.) proportionately to those earned for the equivalent academic-related activity during a regular term of the university, normally at no more than one credit hour per week of full-time study.

ADA Compliance Statement

COMPLIANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal anti-discrimination statute that provides comprehensive civil rights for persons with disabilities. Among other things, this legislation requires that all students with disabilities be guaranteed a learning environment that provides for reasonable accommodation of their disabilities. If you believe you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please contact Learning Accessibility Services at (605) 331-6740 or  Accommodations can only be arranged through this office, which is located in the Academic Success Center (McDonald Center).

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