In order to update your photo on MyUSF (and your ID card), please complete the form that matches your current enrollment classification: Undergraduate, Degree Completion, MBA, or Graduate Education.

  • NOTE:  In order to submit the form, you must be signed in to your USF Office 365 account.

To prevent rejection of the photo and a delay in processing your request, please make sure your photo meets all the following requirements prior to submission:

     The submitted photo cannot be a copyrighted image, which includes professional photos.
     The image will be a headshot (mid-torso and above).
     The use of filters is not allowed on the photo including stickers, colors, or text.

     Choose a location that is well lit.
     Identify an area with a solid background (wall without pictures, side of the house, fence, etc…).
     Choose an appropriate location that does not include alcohol, drugs, inappropriate images.

     No Hats/Headwear (unless religious)
     Clothing must not have profane, vulgar, orsexually explicit terms/images

     Photo should be taken in landscape orientation
     Place the camera at eye-level sothe picture will be taken straight on.
     Try to avoid looking up or down atthe camera.
     SMILE 😊(or at least don’t frown) 
     Face and eyes must be clearly visible