Welcome to the University of Sioux Falls!

We are delighted you have chosen to continue your education at the University of Sioux Falls!  By this time you have communicated with Katy Lahren, Program Coordinator, Jared Berg, Ed.S. Coordinator, and/or me and have finished the preliminary steps to your degree program. 

The Office of the Registrar will help you register for your first semester classes. When it is time to register for the next semester, you will register online through My.USF. 

Please begin this orientation by reading through the rest of this welcome page and then clicking on 1. Connection to Network, WIFI, WebEx listed in the left navigation or on the "Next up" link below.  This will guide you through all the information you will need to get started.

Best wishes in your graduate program! We are here to answer your questions and to help you meet your goal of completing your graduate degree.


Dr. Becky Thurman
Associate Professor, Education / Director of Graduate 
Education Programs


Welcome to Campus: Fall 2020 from our President, Dr. Brett Bradfield:

1. Your Acceptance Letter

If you have any questions after receiving your acceptance letter, plan of study, and immunization form (if applicable), please contact us:

Fredrikson School of Education
Located in Glidden Hall, 3rd floor

Katy Lahren:  605-331-6710
Glidden Hall 312


Dr. Becky Thurman:  605-5752083
Glidden Hall 309

2. Your Course Plan

Find your particular program and click on the link to see program requirements, program overview (including required coursework), and necessary forms:

3. Course Offerings

Course schedules can be accessed with the following link to the Registrar's Course Offerings page:

4. Registration - First Term

The first time you register for classes, you need to email the registrar at After your first term, you need to register online (see page 4. "Next Steps You Need to Take").  Registration for summer and fall classes typically opens for graduate students in early April; registration for spring classes typically opens in November.

5. Your Immunization Form

(Immunization form excludes Online Degree Programs)

Immunization Form 

Please complete the above form and submit it to this address:

For questions regarding this form:

6. Your Instructions for Getting Email and Login

Your Instructions for getting Email and Login

    • You must first log in to your USF Email and change your password, prior to logging into the MyUSF Portal.
    • The next page (1. Get Connected - Network, WIFI, WebEx) will walk you through getting network access, WIFI, and WebEx.


Next up:  1. Get Connected - Network, WIFI, WebEx