First Time Logging Into the USF Network

All USF Students are issued a USF Network and email account.  Refer to the email message sent to you upon acceptance from the Fredrikson School of Education where your username, password, and USF Email address would have been communicated. Please check your USF email accounts regularly for USF related communication. Professors will use USF email for course-related communication.  If you don't know your login information, please contact your program director.

If you are on campus--

You can go to any on campus computer and type in your login name and password.

  Ο Your initial password will be your ID number (lower right corner, on the back of your USF ID).
  Ο It will ask you to reset your password.  Your new password has no formal requirements.
  Ο Your password will expire in approximately one year.
  Ο Ctrl, Alt, Del keys will take you to the menu to change your password.


If you are off campus--

Click on CAMPUS EMAIL on our USF Website (

Enter your Login Name and Password

  Ο It will ask you to reset your password.  Your new password has no formal requirements.
  Ο Your password will expire in approximately one year.
  Ο Your  email will be your


Logging into MyUSF for the first time (off campus):

After logging into your USF Email Account and changing your password as prompted, go to and find at the bottom of the page where you can click on MyUSF. Use your new password to log into MyUSF.

*If you are off campus logging into MyUSF prior to logging into your USF email account, you will need to have your password reset by I.T. Please email the I.T. Help Desk at 

Connecting to WIFI

Problems? Depending on the type of device, additional steps may be required. Stop by or contact our Information Technology Offices located in the lower level of Jorden. They can be reached at

Web Conferencing (WebEx)

University of Sioux Falls uses WebEx for our video conferencing.  It is a simple and convenient solution for our synchronous communication needs. When you start or join a WebEx session your browser (using Java, which must be installed and enabled) will automatically install and launch the WebEx application.  Since this automatic process may take a few minutes, pre-installing and testing ahead of time can allow you to more quickly join your course WebEx session.

Please watch these short videos and instructions (links below) that explain how to connect to WebEx and WebEx audio:

 How to join a WebEx meeting and connect to audio

Test your WebEx connection

Instructions for joining a WebEx Conference

The test meeting will take you into a WebEx meeting that is used for test purposes only. (Note that the test does not include audio, you are just ensuring that the extension is installed properly).  If you can successfully enter the test session, you then simply click Leave Meeting to exit out of the session or just close the WebEx meeting popup window. Having done this you will now be able to participate in future WebEx sessions.





Introduction to using Zoom

Please see the links below for helpful guidance as you begin using Zoom.  Notice there are three different tutorials depending on what type of device or program you are using to connect.

Zoom for Mac


Zoom for Windows

Zoom for Smartphones




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Watch our IT Department Video! 

Click here to download our USF Connect brochure.

It has all the basic information you need to get started!

The IT Help Desk is located in Jorden Hall (main level)

Office Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday

Office Phone: 605-331-6674


Information Technology

The Information Technology office is located in Jorden Hall lower level

Office Phone:  605-331-6674