Seven Self-care Tips for College Students

As summer ends and college students return to online or in-person campuses, getting back into the swing of academic life can be challenging. In 2021, 48% of college students reported moderate or severe psychological stress, 53% reported being lonely and 26% had considered suicide. It’s important for students to practice self-care to reduce stress, avoid burnout and maintain and enhance overall health and wellbeing. Read more.



An Introduction to Mental Wellbeing

We are bombarded with messages about our physical health. Commercials hawk the latest diet programs or supplements, magazines boast the best workout routines, and subway ads remind you to see your doctor for a physical. These messages usually ignore a very important aspect of our overall health – our mental wellbeing. Often, how we care for our body can overlap with how we care for our mind. Read more.




Thinking About Professional Help? Here’s Where to Start

Life can be challenging at times. Everyone experiences feelings like anxiety, sadness and stress now and then. While these feelings are common, it’s important to recognize when they may be interfering with your daily life. If you feel overwhelmed by emotions or experiences, know that you are not alone. Nearly one in five adults in the United States experience a mental health or substance use challenge each year. The right treatment can help you manage your day-to-day life and make mental wellbeing – including recovery from substance use challenge – a reality. Read more.